Album playlist includes:

Мамина Сорочка 3:52
Одна Калина 3:44
Ой У Полі Криниченька 3:00
Іванку, Іванку 2:58
Зелений Гай 4:03
Лелеченьки 3:41

Rosemarie & Charlene Todaschuk
internationally distributed recording artists
celebrate the release of their fourth recording
До Милої Зустрічі / Until We Meet Again
on Sunday, August 11th, 2013
at Folklorama's Ukraine-Kyiv Pavilion
Along with their first three recordings, this CD
features the beautiful harmonic blend of two
sisters singing contemporary Ukrainian songs
as well as classic folk songs accompanied by
modern and traditional instrumentation arranged
and performed by Andrij Czerny, a dynamic
professional musician from Montreal.

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Todaschuk Sisters
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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